Choked movie review & movie explained

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choked, directed by one of my favorite director Anurag Kashyap, and starring Saiyami Kher as(Sarita), Roshan Mathew(Sushant), Amruta Subhash(Tai), Rajshri Deshpande(Neeta). Watch the trailer here.

choked trailer

Anurag Kashyap movies will be something different every time, he created his own audience throughout the year.

The story of Sushant Pillai and Sarita lives a life of the lower middle class in Mumbai with their son, were Sushant doesn’t stick with the proper job and the Sarita one who runs the family.

Sarita finds sealed packet money pops up in kitchen leakage, and keeps it secret not telling to Sushant

I will explain the engineering behind the bundles of note pops up in the drain, and the ending.

personal I like the movie, it faced partial criticism and lower rating because the movie talks about demonetization, nationalism, and politics.

choked movie explained

The Implement of engineering is truly amazing, the movie itself made because of incorrect pipeline

the money reaches to the bottom then it gets pumped, due to the block on the ground floor (Ramesh’s apartment), then it reaches to Tai’s and Sarita’s apartment.

Choked movie explained

You may ask why Sarita apartment leaked at night and get money?

That’s because “there is no moment of water and pressure get build-up by air” and pushes the particle and liquid in the vertical pipe.

Choked movie explained

At the end come to know that Dinesh and Tai also gets money, if we apply probability “who do you think got more money”?

I think the answer is Dinesh because the money already reaches the ground floor first then it reaches the upper floors.

Sushant also figured out about money coming from the drain, remember the Sushant welding scene in his room.

At the end income tax knock their door to ask Sarita about the “first printed money” deposited in her account, meantime Dinesh, Tai, Neeta goes to the politician’s assistant room to take money from his bag, before no one knew from where the money was coming from.

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