Scam 1992 Review: The Harshad Mehta Story

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Market mein sabse bada jhokim toh jhokim na Lene mein hai 
If you think you can stop this series midway, I say otherwise. The amount of intensity, style it has, you will end up binging this Financial Thriller series. 
Starting from the amazing performance of Pratik Gandhi who plays the lead as The big bull Harshad Mehta. His looks, his efforts ,the dialogue delivery has just been flawless by him. Shreya Dhanwantaray whom I previously saw as a Cop in Family man, Absolutely nailed the role of Sucheta Dalal .
 Other key performances are from Veteran Satish Kaushik as manu Mundra , Hemanth kher as Ashwin Mehta who plays a vital role as the brother of Harshad. Sharib Hashmi with a cameo gives a kick start to this real life Crime thriller. Chirag vohra plays Bhushan bhatt , a partner of Harshad. Not to forget Rajat Kapoor as K Madhavan gets in some heat to this already intense series.
Coming to the writing, it’s an adaptation from Sucheta- Debashish book of a similar name.
Beautiful casting, Decent screenplay except in-between you kind off feel it’s a bit stretched..but it will all fall together soon as we enter the 6th episode. 
Background score is what has created a buzz all over the Ott. Achint Thakkar a debutant has just nailed it completely. 
The theme song that too is said to be one of the best ever .
Finally, director Hansal Mehta has proved his calibre by presenting Infront of us one of the most off beat genre in style. Hats off .
Harshad Mehta was a criminal and no matter in what perspective you are watching this, there is no changes in the fact that he was indeed responsible for Alot of people’s losses in the country. So I don’t find this series to be an ” image cleaning” attempt rather if we watch it with  a different angle, we see how rules and regulations play a major role in banking and stock market or anywhere for that matter .

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