Sound Of Metal Movie Review (Don’t Think it’s like Whiplash)

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*War pigs from Black Sabbath playing in the background *WELLLLL, a new cinema, a new experience which is going to immerse us all into a whole new world. “SOUND OF METAL”, a 2019 American drama film directed and co-written by Darius Marder and starring Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke, Paul Raci, Lauren Ridloff, and Mathieu Amalric.AGAIN… I DON’T GIVE AWAY SPOILERS, SO IT’S A NON SPOILER REVIEW.* I think there aren’t any spoilers in it, anyway* So, basically this movie is about a drummer and his real-life challenges being deaf! That’s all !! That is all you get to see in this! But the experience you get in 121 mins is next level !! Lemme talk about the overall performance and screenplay, this movie has brilliant actors like Riz Ahmed, Olivia Cooke, Paul Raci who have given their utmost best, I was really impressed with Riz cuz we have all seen him on NIGHTCRAWLER*felt really sorry for him in that* but, he has done a phenomenal job in this, from being a drummer to being deaf, with all those sign languages it was amazing. The usage of sign language, the silence, the sense of fall, the sadness, again the costumes, the color grading, edits, the entire setup was a treat to watch.


Now, at first impressions on the movie, before I watched it, I jumped on it thinking it’d be something like Whiplash, but here the main focus isn’t on the drumming but on the main lead that is Ruben (Riz) and his girlfriend Lou( Olivia) and the whole deaf experience. They have given complete justice in portraying and encouraging the deaf community, it just pulls your heart down! 5 stars for that !! 

But sure the plot lacked about the drumming phase or showing him as a musician. I kinda wished if they showed how he would compete being a deaf drummer or his life as a deaf drummer. I was a little disappointed cuz my expectations were about that ( * I wanted to see some badass drumming*), anyway don’t expect too much it to be a musical journey.BUT, Kudos to the whole team they were able to pull- off in showing the struggles of a deaf person, especially as a musician, which can be really difficult and also showing how the world seems once you become handicapped, everything falls apart. It is not the same anymore.

This is actually a slow-paced, easy-going, drama movie, it’ll get you right in the feels but, all you need is patience, full attention, and a relaxed mind. From all those mind-blowing shots, the BGM, the amazing performance all comes down to …

SHOULD I WATCH IT OR NOT ????IS IT WORTH WATCHING ?? Well, the answer is YES !.It can actually differ from person to person, depending on what type do you like, if you like silent, deep, painful, sad, artistic, thoughtful movies then this is it !!!!I think the subtlety is the main subject of the movie , you can actually feel what is everyone going through! The premise of the movie is completely different to the ending !! All I want to say is that if you’d watch this, you’d think about things twice, appreciate whatever you have, try to be kind, love as much as you can, you’d probably wanna learn sign language too! * Cuz I am, lol* and most importantly you would Love Silence! So all in all, the Sound of metal is a different experience to watch! You guys can stream this on Amazon prime video and lemme know what I’ve missed and what you felt about the movie. Adíos.

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