Stay 2005 Movie Review (A Unique Masterpiece)

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STAY 2005 Review – NON-SPOILER REVIEW*Welllll, it’s sad when no one appreciates your work, but it’s tragic when someone negatively criticizes you! The same happened with this extraordinary masterpiece in the movie market called “STAY”. A box office failure, but a true gem! 

Stay was released in 2005, directed by Marc Forster and written by David Benioff with a stellar cast of Ewan McGregor, Naomi Watts, Ryan Gosling, and Bob Hoskins.

Stay film is like the masterpiece kept in an art gallery but nobody notices it, because of its mind-bending idea and an excellent illusion which was created by the makers it was not understood by the audience or the critics themselves.

With a total run-time of 99mins this movie gives you an entire cinematic experience, with reality, dream, love, truth, lie, death, afterlife, this movie is all if you are interested in watching a psychological thriller. Talking about the experience, the cinematography which is done by Roberto Schaefer was pretty good and insane but the scene transitions, the effects, seamless edits by Matt Chessé is par excellence, and what a job !!!! and HOW THE HECK DID THEY DO SUCH EDITS IN 2005 !!!!!! The BGM is also splendid and keeps the scene going with an amazing screenplay. So, there is no compromise in the experience they have provided, THE VISUALS ARE THE BESTTT !.

Stay 2005

Now, let’s talk about the storyline… WAIT! NO SPOILERS !!! DON’T WORRY, CHILL.

NOWWW….The characters, Henry Letham played by Ryan Gosling is a MOOD, this character is a totally different vibe, and is spot on, with this the Psychiatrist Dr.Sam foster played by Ewan McGregor, and his wife Lila Culpepper played by Naomi Watts also do a wonderful job in keeping the movie going on track. Henry Letham as a depressed, paranoid college student , Sam foster’s search in finding the roots of the problem, the people around, the encounters, the Chaos, the psychic environment, everything in it gives you chills.
WHAT MAKES THIS MOVIE SPECIAL, GENIUS, AND A MUST WATCH ???FIRST OF ALL ,The purpose of telling a story is fulfilled successfully ,so big thumbs up for that!The attention to details in this movie is extraordinary from characters to the set to  clothing to people to the entire visual this keeps you thinking all the way , also with the hidden details in it , you won’t notice it until you pay close attention !! .Every scene has it’s own purpose and meaning , every dialogue is given importance, every movement is connected and is well executed .THE CLIMAX – is what you wait for , and it is where the movie unveils it’s true form, the confusion it creates , the AWWW it gives , it’s brilliant and the climax is where you go :- “NO WAAYYYY !!! OH MY GAAAAAD !!!! WAIITT !!”The story to be so subtle and easy but to make the audience go mad and confusing is nothing but true art on it’s own .YOU GOTTA WATCH THIS MULTIPLE TIMES! 

Well, with this there is always cons, I would rather not concentrate on this but yet I felt the length of the movie was a bit lengthy and kept me thinking for a minute or two in between, the struggle the makers went on to give their 100% on the visuals made it unnoticeable of the slight lag in scenes BUT, the visuals took care of it . Another factor is that the storyline is so simple and easy that when it ends you’ll be like WHATTT ?? THAT’S IT ???  maybe it can be predicted at the middle of the second half or so, so, in my opinion, I think the makers should have bought more spice into it making it a little more interesting at the end,  apart from that I got no problem. BUT WHO AM I ??  It’s always as great as it is! 

Sooooo, OVER-ALL this movie is a TRUE GEM and a MUST WATCH, don’t let these negative comments and reviews keep you waiting on this, Hop on RN! and watch this magnificent, underrated, amazingly weird, mind-twisting and a completely worth watching cinema.

Watch this movie on Amazon prime video and let me know what have I missed and what could have I added and share with us your experience after watching this movie. 

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