The Family Man 2, Mixture of Simplicity and Conflict

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With the introduction of a Srilankan rebel angle, the story starts off fresh, a bit stretched in between yet the end was quite intense and satisfactory. 

The Directors Raj DK have absolutely nailed this with some amazing direction, especially the way some sequences were shot, visually I’m impressed but coming to the storyline, 
I felt last season’s cliffhanger scenario was ended in a rush, and it looked like they just fit that in rather than giving it a bit of shape, which was one of the negative aspects of this season.
But luckily the current storyline indeed looked stronger, thanks to some great acting performances. 
The family angle of the story was not convincing, it looked like a bit of Bollywood.  Probably they should have worked it out better.
Apart from all this, Manoj Bajpayee as Srikant once again does his job. But I wouldn’t call it his best, because clearly, the star of the show was clearly Samantha who plays Rajalekshmi. A role that showed Samantha’s caliber to the entire Indian OTT industry.
Sharab Hashmi as JK never disappoints us with his acting. 
Ravindra gopi as Muthu looks promising too. Ashlesha Thakur got a lot of screentime and a tough role this time, which she convincingly did well. 
Overall,  Family man 2 was great for the acting performances, and quality direction and also production,as this time number of locations were present in the series.
After a big delay, finally, for all the fans it’s a relief.
A third season is already announced, without revealing anything in this review, Shrikant will have to face something very very dangerous in the coming season. A glimpse was enough to keep me excited for the next. 
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