Was there an alternate ending to Titanic?

The film's alternate ending (which is also available to view on YouTube) is set up the same way. This takes place directly after Brock Lovett (Bill Paxton) and Lizzy Calvert (Suzy Amis), Rose's (Gloria Stuart) granddaughter, are talking on the research vessel once Rose has ended her recount of events.
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How was Titanic movie supposed to end?

The most accepted interpretation, however, is that about Rose dying at the end of Titanic and arriving at the afterlife with Jack and the rest of the passengers, and if so, the white dress hints at her going to heaven with everyone else.
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Why did the old lady throw the necklace in the ocean?

By letting the necklace sink into the very depths where the Titanic rests, Rose symbolically returns it to Jack. And as Screen Rant correctly reports, it's like a poignant reunion, where the necklace becomes a token of their incredible journey together.
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Who did Rose marry after Jack died?

5 Rose Married A Man Named Calvert

Although Rose changed her name to “Dawson” to honor Jack, used this name during her acting career, and ultimately revealed she never got over Jack, she moved on and got married at some point in her life.
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Why didn t Rose sell the necklace?

Rose letting go of the necklace is her letting go of Jack

After the ship sank and she was rescued, she was brought back as a nameless immigrant, and surely, the necklace would've helped her financially. However, the necklace meant more to her than a way to make some quick cash. It symbolizes her love for Jack.
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Titanic - Alternate Ending

Did Rose really throw the diamond in the ocean in real life?

The answer is no, just like the romance between Rose and Jack, the Heart of the Sea was a jewel created for the movie, but that does not mean that it is not inspired by jewels that are real and have a lot of history behind them.
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Could Jack have survived?

Despite this, it was proven that Jack could have stayed on the raft. “Yes, he could have held on until the lifeboat arrived. Jack could have survived, but there are so many variables. I think Jack's logic was, 'I'm not going to do anything that would put Rose in danger.
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Would Jack's body have sunk?

That is also how pathologists can tell whether a person was drowned or was dead before hitting the water; if you drop a body post-mortem, it would definitely float. This means that if Jack was dead when Rose pushed him under water, then he would have immediately floated back to the surface.
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Did Jack get Rose pregnant?

Rose DeWitt Bukater is a fictional character from the film Titanic (1997). She is not a representation of, nor is she based on any past or present living person. As such she could not have children as she never existed. In the context of the film - she has a grand-daughter who accompanies here to the salvage ship.
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Who is the real life Rose Dawson?

The real Rose from Titanic, Beatrice Wood, led a fascinating life that features more than a few similarities to Rose. Like Rose, Beatrice was born into a privileged family which she rejected as a young adult, leaving her home and pursuing a more independent life.
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Why didn t Rose make room for Jack?

The story says the door isn't large enough, that Jack gives up his spot for Rose, and that he dies. Any speculation, measurement, or experiment you carry out is irrelevant, at least according to Cameron.
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Did Rose ever see her mother again?

While heavily implied but unconfirmed in the film itself, an early draft of Titanic indeed confirmed that Rose never saw Ruth again nor Ruth ever became aware that Rose survived by having a remorseful Cal asking for Rose's forgiveness aboard the Carpathia only for Rose to rebuff and ask Cal to tell Ruth that she is ...
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Was the Heart of the Ocean ever found?

The diamond is, in fact, a fictional diamond. There never was a real version of this remarkable blue diamond in existence. However, a lot of details from this diamond necklace is similar to those from the Hope Diamond. The Hope Diamond was owned by Louis XIV.
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Why did Rose jump off the lifeboat?

Much drama ensues, involving Rose rescuing Jack from a lower deck as the icy waters approach and engulf them and jumping off the lifeboat she briefly boarded because she can't imagine leaving Jack behind. Thanks to Jack's cool head in a crisis, they survive Titanic's sinking.
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Why won t they pull the Titanic out?

There are fears that during retrieval, the Titanic wreck would disintegrate into pieces, making it impossible to have something concrete by the time the remains reach the sea surface. There are documented reports that metal-eating bacteria has already consumed most of Titanic's wreckage.
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Why didn't they turn the Titanic?

Why Did Titanic Not Turn Quickly Enough? After spotting the iceberg, William Murdoch gave the order to stop the engines and to make a hard left turn. Due to the size and speed of the Titanic it was not able to avoid the iceberg.
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Did Rose really save Jack?

Titanic director James Cameron admits that Jack may have survived the end of the 1997 epic romance if Rose utilized her life jacket to save him. James Cameron recently admitted there was a way for Rose to save Jack in the cold ending of Titanic, it just wasn't the way audiences thought.
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Was Rose pregnant with the doctor baby?

Settling into her new life with the Meta-Crisis Doctor, Rose later became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter. Years later, she was briefly transported to her original universe and met the Eighth and Eleventh Doctors, after which she returned to her family.
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Did Rose find love after Jack?

Rose survived the ship's sinking, but Jack did not. She later married a man named Calvert, and had at least three children.
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Was Jack's body found in Titanic?

The body of an adult male, whose personal identification revealed he was "J. Dawson," was found at sea after Titanic sank. Bodies were numbered in the order they were recovered. Dawson's body was number 227.
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How long was Jack in the water before he died?

The show went into full detail, pronouncing Jack dead in the freezing water at 51 minutes if he hadn't tried to get on the board. But the hosts said if he had tried the maneuver with the vest, he could have lived.
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Where did Jack's body go?

He died of hypothermia, and his body sank to the ocean floor, making him buried at sea. For unknown reasons, there was no record of Jack's existence though one could assume it was due to him never purchasing the tickets and not getting properly check up when boarding the Titanic.
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Why couldn t Jack be saved?

The movie clearly shows that Jack tries to get onto the door with Rose, and then stops as soon as he sees it begin to capsize. It's obvious that it's not buoyant enough to support the weight of both of them. The only options are for one of them to die, or for both of them to die.
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How long would Jack have survived in the water?

If Rose, at this point, gave Jack her life jacket while they're both balancing on the raft, with only their lower legs underwater, they could have lasted a few hours and survived.
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Did Cameron admit Jack could have survived?

Director James Cameron of Titanic has acknowledged that the character of Jack Dawson, essayed by Leonardo DiCaprio, might have been able to survive the shipwreck in the famous Oscar winning movie 'Titanic'. This comes after 25 years of denial, numerous fan debates and a few scientific re-enactments.
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