What happens to Joel at the end of Smile?

So, the entity uses Rose's body to pour gasoline all over the psychiatrist, lighting a match just as Joel comes through the door. Rose's body is smiling while she burns away, and we can see in Joel's eyes he will be scarred for life by that disturbing suicide.
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What happened at the end of Smile movie?

Rose sees the monster, has a mental breakdown, and can't move. She truly and fully embodies the curse by starting a fire with her own body. Joel realizes too late that Rose has given him the curse. It's an effective ending since it doesn't seem that Rose would be able to survive this.
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Does Rose end up with Joel in Smile?

She then takes her own life in front of Joel, effectively passing the curse on to him. The Smile ending closes as the camera focuses on Rose's death being reflected in Joel's terrified eye, showing that her fate will continue to happen to other people.
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Will there be a Smile 2 with Joel?

Smile 2 Is Confirmed

While the runaway success of Smile made a sequel feel inevitable in the eyes of many viewers, a follow-up wasn't always a certainty. Director Parker Finn had previously stated that even as late as September 2022 there were no plans for a continuation to Smile, but he wasn't opposed to the idea.
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How is the curse passed on in Smile?

In the movie Smile, the demon uses past trauma as a weapon to latch itself on to its host, eventually killing them. The only way from the host to survive is to kill someone with a witness, so the demon latches itself on to the witness. In witcher 3, we see a similar case with the Hym from Possession quest.
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SMILE Ending Explained | Full Movie Breakdown, Hidden Details, Easter Eggs And Review

Who is the monster at the end of Smile?

The grief monster rips off its skin, revealing its horrible, true form, then snaps open Rose's mouth, crawling inside of her. Fully possessed by the demon, Rose douses herself in gasoline and sets herself on fire — just as the real Joel bursts inside her home and witnesses her death, becoming the next victim.
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Does Smile have 2 endings?

Even though Rose did everything she was supposed to do — that we're supposed to do to process our own trauma — the monster still won. The cycle will continue. Smile writer-director Parker Finn characterizes the two endings of his film as an attempt to get ahead of audiences' expectations.
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Does Joel have the Smile curse now?

She pours it on herself and lights a match. After spending our time seeing things from Rose's perspective, often in uncomfortably closeup shots, we see her final moments through Joel's eyes, who can't look away despite his horror. The curse has now been passed on to him.
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Does Joel get attached to Ellie?

He clearly cares for Ellie right away, but the reason he is so resistant to her for so long is because he's trying not to let her in. He doesn't want to get attached and feel the burden of another loss.
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Does Joel find boy again?

As Cap sends the crab after the survivors while they grab what they can, Joel manages to free himself and also sees the return of Boy. He sends Boy to help Aimee while they deal with the crab and the other villains.
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What is Joel's full name in Smile?

The only one who believes Rose is her ex, Joel (Kyle Gallner), a cop who's been assigned to Laura's case.
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Is there an ending after Smile?

We can confirm that there is NOT an end credits scene after Smile, so feel free to leave the theater when the credits start to roll. Here is the synopsis for the movie: "After witnessing a bizarre, traumatic incident involving a patient, Dr.
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Why did Rose not survive in Smile?

Why Rose Dies In Smile's Ending. Rose dies in Smile's ending because she was only able to overpower the entity once. She had enough fight in her to take on the gangly demonic monstrosity and even appeared to kill it, shattering a lantern over its head.
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Who is the demon in the end of Smile?

There's obviously a reason why the smile demon appears as a giant, looming depiction of Rose's Mom during the final act. One of the most unsettling moments in "Smile" takes place just before that when Rose's trusted therapist, Dr. Northcott (Robin Weigert) reveals herself to be the demon.
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What was the demon in Smile?

The Smile Entity as it strangles Rose, and its most infamous quote. You can't escape your own mind, Rose. The Smile Entity, also called The Monstrosity or simply The Smile Demon, is the main antagonist of the 2020 horror short film Laura Hasn't Slept, as well as its 2022 film adaptation/sequel Smile.
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How many endings are there in the movie Smile?

In the end, Smile has all three of those endings. Rose brutally stabs a terrified patient to death at her hospital in front of her screaming boss, Morgan (Kal Penn). But that turns out to be a dream she's having while passed out in her car in front of the hospital, and she flees the hospital and Morgan in horror.
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Where is Joel's scar?

The Last of Us has exceeded the expectations of video game adaptations by painting a picture of how its main characters coped with the loss of humanity and loved ones in the time span not shown on-screen. Particularly, the Season 1 finale provides a tearful reason for why Joel has a scar on the side of his head.
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Did Ellie know Joel was lying at the end?

In this way, the answer to the question of whether Ellie knows he's lying is both yes and no. Deep down, she clearly does. But she chooses to believe him in order to protect herself from further harm.
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Does Ellie ever forgive Joel for lying?

Yes, Ellie forgives Joel – but it's not as simple as her saying: “I forgive you.” In the closing chapter of the first game, just like the show, Joel massacres nearly all of the Fireflies in the hospital when he learns Ellie will be killed in the operation to develop a vaccine.
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Why did Joel lie at the end?

Joel lies to Ellie in order to prevent her going back to the hospital and sacrificing herself for the good of humanity. Even if she does not want to give her life, Joel's lie still protects Ellie from the mental burden she would have to carry if she knew what really happened.
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What does Joel suffer from?

While none of Joel's medical issues are in the game's story, this fact brings new context into how Joel behaves in the game. Especially towards Ellie. Joel's anxiety meds in The Last of Us reveal Joel suffered from anxiety and high blood pressure even before the apocalypse.
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Does Joel have a mental illness?

We talk about Joel's anxiety attacks in the most recent episode. In the games, that issue is never even mentioned, let alone addressed. However, in The Last of Us: Part I, the remake of the original 2013 title, he introduced a clue that, in effect, suggests that the character has a history of anxiety.
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Why is there a lollipop at the end of Smile?

Finn says the face at 1:48:20 is a “true look at the evil thing that's been hiding behind all the smiles.” They called the entity Lollipop — thus explaining the use of The Chordettes' “Lollipop” at the start of the end credits — and this is what happens at the end of every cycle as the beast physically enters the ...
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Why is there so much pink in Smile?

With the colors, we wanted to do something unusual. We had read this study that was from back in the sixties where they found out that this sort of Pepto Bismol pink color somehow was supposed to make violent inmates less violent. So my production designer, Lester Cohen, and I, really grabbed onto that.
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Why is the Smile movie triggering?

The film sustains a strong sense of foreboding and threat throughout, with central themes of trauma and death. There are frequent jump scares and some very strong violence. This movie is incredibly scary and disturbing at the same time.
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