Who was meant to play American Psycho?

They sought to make a period film grounded in the 1980s, sharing the setting with the novel. The pre-production period was tumultuous; Harron cast Bale to play Bateman, but because distributor Lionsgate Films secured a contract with Leonardo DiCaprio in the role, Harron was dismissed and replaced with Oliver Stone.
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Who was originally casted for American Psycho?

In 1997, Mary Harron was set to make 'American Psycho' with Christian Bale as her chosen lead, reported Cinemablend. However, the studio hesitated due to Bale's relative obscurity and considered Leonardo DiCaprio for the part.
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Why did Leonardo DiCaprio not play Patrick Bateman?

The staple Hollywood classic, American Psycho, had the Titanic's heartthrob. However, as difficult as it might seem to envision any other actor besides Bale in the role of Patrick Bateman, DiCaprio left the project at the time due to creative differences with the makers.
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Was Leonardo DiCaprio going to be Patrick Bateman?

While the main character and serial killer, Patrick Bateman, is regarded as one of Christian Bale's best performances, he wasn't always slated to star in the film. Bale was director Mary Harron's first pick, but Titanic's Leonardo DiCaprio was cast in the role instead. That is until a feminist legend changed his mind.
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Why did people not want American Psycho to be made?

"American Psycho," Mary Harron's 2000 adaptation of the infamous Bret Easton Ellis novel, was already mired in controversy before it completed filming. Ellis' novel was so graphically violent, so loaded with misogyny, that many people thought the film version would be something close to a snuff film.
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American Psycho Ending Explained: What Really Happened?

Is Patrick Bateman schizophrenic?

This, combined with sex, violence, drugs, and other desires of the id, is how Bateman enacts his sociopathic violence in a superficial world. Bateman's episodes of schizophrenia also shows clear signs on how he copes with being an affluent person living in a superficial world, fashioned on consumerism.
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What was American Psycho banned from?

The book was named the 53rd most banned book from 1990-1999 by the American Library Association, and its sale and marketing in Germany was restricted from 1995 to 2000.
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Was Patrick Bateman just hallucinating?

It is left open to reader interpretation whether Bateman actually commits the crimes he describes, or whether he is merely hallucinating them; he is, therefore, an unreliable narrator. In the climax of the story, Bateman calls his lawyer and leaves a lengthy, detailed message confessing all of his crimes.
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Who almost got the role of Patrick Bateman?

The casting process can be unpredictable, and Christian Bale's journey as Patrick Bateman in American Psycho had its twists and turns. Initially replaced when Leonardo DiCaprio was considered for the role, Bale eventually reclaimed the part and delivered a memorable performance as the iconic character.
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Did Tom Cruise inspire Patrick Bateman?

How Did Tom Cruise Inspire Christian Bale's Patrick Bateman? Yes, Tom Cruise. The death-defying, cinema-saving icon himself. In a 2009 interview that Mary Harron gave to blackbookmag.com, she said that Bale once called her and said that he had a light bulb moment.
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Did Patrick Bateman have any remorse?

There are many different interpretations, but he doesn't show any remorse. What if this was Bateman showing actual self-awareness?
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Who does Patrick Bateman hate?

He usually hangs out with his coworkers at P&P but secretly hates most of them. Bateman kills men and women, the latter for sadistic sexual pleasure and the former because they anger him and make him feel inferior.
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Who is Bateman based off?

According to co-writer and director Mary Harron, Bale saw in Cruise "this very intense friendliness with nothing behind the eyes," and Bale subsequently based the character of Bateman on that. Interestingly, Tom Cruise is actually featured in the novel.
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Was American Psycho all in his head?

While it's true that Patrick is experiencing delusions and hallucinations, it doesn't mean that the murders are in his head. Turner blames the muddiness of the ending on the dichotomy between the fantasy world that Bateman is currently living in and the reality of the murderous situation at hand.
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Why did American Psycho change names?

In the novel Timothy Bryce and Paul Allen have mildly different surnames. In the book their names are Timothy Price, and Paul Owen. The names were changed since it was later discovered that there were real people who worked on Wall Street with those names, and they production could run into trouble down the road.
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Did the detective know it was Bateman?

In American Psycho (2000) Willem Dafoe (Detective Kimball) acted each meeting with Bateman 3 ways in 3 different takes: 1. He knew Bateman was the killer, 2. He only suspected Bateman was the killer, 3. He did not suspect Bateman.
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What mental illnesses did Patrick Bateman have?

In Bret Easton Ellis' American Psycho, the protagonist, Patrick Bateman, is apparently simply a psychopath. However, Bateman can be diagnosed with other mental illnesses such as Asperger's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, narcissism, and antisocial personality disorder.
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What does feed me a stray cat mean?

'Feed Me A Stray Cat' Scene | American Psycho - YouTube. Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) attempts to murder a cat after following the instructions of an ATM, which leads to more killings.
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Why is Gen Z obsessed with American Psycho?

As journalist Shaurya Singh wrote in the newsletter The Digital Native, Bateman's main characteristics – his sexual insecurity, insensitivity, shallowness and obsession with money – connected with some of the obsessions of Generation Z (and plenty of other generations) during the pandemic.
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Why is American Psycho wrapped in plastic?

Out of all American Psycho's many crimes (murder, rape, torture), the one that finally got it in trouble with the police was … a lack of shrink wrap. In Australia, books with mature content can only be sold in shrink-wrapped plastic (presumably so minors don't flip through them by accident).
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Is Patrick Bateman autistic?

He displays a high functioning form of Asperger's syndrome, yet there are still symptoms present in Bateman of which even the highest functioning people with Asperger's syndrome cannot rid themselves. One of the key symptoms in Asperger's syndrome is the need for strict routine.
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Is Patrick Bateman Alpha or Sigma?

It's made clear there is no "top" to Bateman. There is only becoming more successful than the previous day. Therefore, Bateman would be a Sigma in that regard. In American Psycho's first act, Bateman makes it known to his fiancée that he wishes to conform to society as best he can, unlike his other roles.
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What medication does Patrick Bateman take?

Bateman and his friends are also heavy drug users. Early in the novel, Bateman's cocaine use is largely social, but he later does more and more of the drug and his attitude towards it become increasingly aggressive. Bateman begins taking pills, too – downers like Halcion, Valium, and Xanax.
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Is American Psycho real or imagined?

Although Manhattan is a real place, American Psycho is a work of fiction and imaginary locations in the city are part of the story. An imaginary space is a space that is figurative, like a city in a book. To say that a space is imaginary is not to deny its relation to reality.
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Why is American Psycho so iconic?

Patrick Bateman's casual cruelty and violent sadism are key elements of his characterization, and why he's such a cultural icon. The carnage he causes is a direct example of the American Psycho explained metaphor — violence as a stand-in for corporate greed.
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