Why didn t Rose survive in Smile?

Why Rose Dies In Smile's Ending. Rose dies in Smile's ending because she was only able to overpower the entity once. She had enough fight in her to take on the gangly demonic monstrosity and even appeared to kill it, shattering a lantern over its head.
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What happened to Rose in the movie Smile?

As Joel walks in, Rose is wearing that familiar creepy smile and has covered herself in gasoline – about to light a match. So no, Rose does not survive in Smile and even worse, it seems the curse has found a way to keep itself going, with Joel now presumably set to be its next victim.
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What was Rose's trauma in Smile?

Ok so the movie Smile is based around a curse/entity that feeds and spreads through trauma. The main character Rose gets the Trauma both from her mother's death when she is young and also seeing her patient who had the Trauma die violently.
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Was Rose hallucinating in Smile?

Rose Cotter (Sosie Bacon), a therapist who begins experiencing hallucinations after witnessing a patient take her own life. The patient, Laura (Caitlin Stacey), saw her professor die by suicide, after which she became the target of a presence with a sinister smile.
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Does Rose survive at the end of Smile?

Fully possessed by the demon, Rose douses herself in gasoline and sets herself on fire — just as the real Joel bursts inside her home and witnesses her death, becoming the next victim.
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Does Rose have a mental illness in Smile?

Smile clearly wants the audience to see the connection between Rose's curse and mental illness. Throughout the movie, characters use therapy buzzwords and often suggest that Rose's mental state is a result of her genetics and past trauma.
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Is there an alternate ending to Smile?

In the end, Smile has all three of those endings. Rose brutally stabs a terrified patient to death at her hospital in front of her screaming boss, Morgan (Kal Penn). But that turns out to be a dream she's having while passed out in her car in front of the hospital, and she flees the hospital and Morgan in horror.
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Why did Rose Smile while being choked?

So she smiled when he was choking her, in order to trigger his involuntary reaction to treat her gently.
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Is the smile entity a demon?

It is a demonic entity responsible for an ongoing series of gruesome murders, which it facilitates through a “curse” which passes from victim to victim in a “chain” stretching back to an unknown beginning.
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What is the curse in Smile?

[Editor's note: The following contains spoilers for Smile.] The smile curse operates in a fairly consistent fashion throughout the film. One infected person is consumed, the entity forces them to take their own life and then the witness becomes cursed. But, what if multiple people witness that death?
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What mental illness is Smile based on?

Smile turns that into a literal monster only the victim can see, as though it's a hallucination. The parallels to actual psychosis are striking, and that's why everyone around the main character Rose Cotter initially believes it to be a post-traumatic breakdown as a result of witnessing a suicide.
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What is the trigger warning for Smile?

Excessive suicide scenes!

CANNOT stress this enough - Massive trigger warning for suicide. There was way too much of it, and not enough warning. Every 15 minutes there was another graphic suicide scene, and/or some scene involving a psychotic break.
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Why was there so much pink in Smile?

With the colors, we wanted to do something unusual. We had read this study that was from back in the sixties where they found out that this sort of Pepto Bismol pink color somehow was supposed to make violent inmates less violent. So my production designer, Lester Cohen, and I, really grabbed onto that.
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What happened to Rose's sister in Smile?

Not long after Laura arrives at the psych ward, she stumbles to the floor and begins screaming. After Rose calls for help, she sees Laura standing up and smiling. With a shard of a broken vase, Laura kills herself by slitting her throat.
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Is Smile 2 coming out?

Smile 2, the sequel to the breakout horror film, has been confirmed by Paramount and is set to have a theatrical release. The release date for Smile 2 is October 18, 2024, approximately two years after the release of the original film.
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What happens to Laura in Smile?

Laura begins screaming and panicking and Rose calls for help. Laura suddenly becomes unnaturally calm and smiles, then slits her own throat, terrifying Rose. The next day, another patient, Carl, smiles like Laura did and shouts to Rose that she is going to die.
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What is the scary monster at the end of Smile?

The monster in Smile is a humanoid creature who has a huge grin, many jaws, and no skin. The monster essentially eats people and then those people become part of their body.
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How do you get rid of the smile entity?

The only way to get rid of it and survive its hunt is to kill someone else, while a 3rd party is watching it happen, causing it to lose interest in its original prey and go after said third party, meaning that it still wins either way since the victim is eventually driven to suicide by The Smile Entity, or they are ...
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Why didn t Rose help her mom?

She apologizes to Rose for what she had done to herself, but also asks, “Why did you let me die?” In the film's final act, it's revealed that Rose's mom had asked for help in the final moments of her life, pleading with Rose to call the police because “mommy made a mistake.” Rose admits that she didn't take action ...
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How did Rod know Rose was lying?

That night, Rod tries to figure out what happened and calls Rose. When Rose picks up, she pretends that Chris left two days prior in a cab. She feigns confusion, and Rod puts her on hold for a minute, while he turns on a recording device to record her. He thinks she's lying and wants to have evidence of it on tape.
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Why is Rose the villain in Get Out?

As what appear to be police lights appear, Rose feigns pleas for help. She's not just a psychopathic racist; she's also a canny manipulator of the subterranean, systemic racism in the world at large. And this makes her easily the most insidious, terrifying character in the whole film.
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Why is there a lollipop at the end of Smile?

Finn says the face at 1:48:20 is a “true look at the evil thing that's been hiding behind all the smiles.” They called the entity Lollipop — thus explaining the use of The Chordettes' “Lollipop” at the start of the end credits — and this is what happens at the end of every cycle as the beast physically enters the ...
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What is the true ending of Smile?

So, the entity uses Rose's body to pour gasoline all over the psychiatrist, lighting a match just as Joel comes through the door. Rose's body is smiling while she burns away, and we can see in Joel's eyes he will be scarred for life by that disturbing suicide.
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Why is the Smile movie triggering?

The film sustains a strong sense of foreboding and threat throughout, with central themes of trauma and death. There are frequent jump scares and some very strong violence. This movie is incredibly scary and disturbing at the same time.
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