What happened to Rose's mom in Smile?

The Smile movie explained the entity needs another person to witness her death to carry on its curse, Rose secludes herself in her childhood home. There, the entity takes the form of her mother, revealing that, after overdosing, she asked a then 10-year-old Rose to call for help. Rose declined and her mother died.
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What was Rose's trauma in Smile?

Ok so the movie Smile is based around a curse/entity that feeds and spreads through trauma. The main character Rose gets the Trauma both from her mother's death when she is young and also seeing her patient who had the Trauma die violently.
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What happened to Rose at the end of Smile?

Fully possessed by the demon, Rose douses herself in gasoline and sets herself on fire — just as the real Joel bursts inside her home and witnesses her death, becoming the next victim. Pretty dark stuff!
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Why did Rose not survive in Smile?

Why Rose Dies In Smile's Ending. Rose dies in Smile's ending because she was only able to overpower the entity once. She had enough fight in her to take on the gangly demonic monstrosity and even appeared to kill it, shattering a lantern over its head.
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What was the demon in Smile?

The Smile Entity as it strangles Rose, and its most infamous quote. You can't escape your own mind, Rose. The Smile Entity, also called The Monstrosity or simply The Smile Demon, is the main antagonist of the 2020 horror short film Laura Hasn't Slept, as well as its 2022 film adaptation/sequel Smile.
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Rose meets her Mother's Spirit Scene HD | SMILE (2022)

What started the curse in Smile?

Rose doesn't and, ultimately, that patient takes her own life right in front of her. Soon after, Rose starts having visions of a smile entity herself. It's that simple; witness someone who's infected take their own life, and you wind up with the curse yourself.
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What is the scary monster at the end of Smile?

The monster in Smile is a humanoid creature who has a huge grin, many jaws, and no skin. The monster essentially eats people and then those people become part of their body.
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What happened to Rose's dad in Smile?

What happened to Rose's father? The film's opening sequence pans across a series of portraits of Rose's family, with her mother, father, and her sister Holly all happy together. Then Rose's father disappears from the pictures. It's unclear whether he died or abandoned the family.
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Does Rose have a mental illness in Smile?

Smile clearly wants the audience to see the connection between Rose's curse and mental illness. Throughout the movie, characters use therapy buzzwords and often suggest that Rose's mental state is a result of her genetics and past trauma.
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Why did Rose Smile while being choked?

So she smiled when he was choking her, in order to trigger his involuntary reaction to treat her gently.
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Is Smile 2 coming out?

Smile 2, the sequel to the breakout horror film, has been confirmed by Paramount and is set to have a theatrical release. The release date for Smile 2 is October 18, 2024, approximately two years after the release of the original film.
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Do Rose and Trevor break up in Smile?

Rose snaps at Trevor, saying that he is more concerned with how she is going to make him look, leading to her storming out and breaking up with him.
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What is Rose's real name in the movie Smile?

The film stars Sosie Bacon as a therapist named Rose Cotter, who, after witnessing the bizarre suicide of a patient, goes through increasingly disturbing and daunting experiences, leading her to believe what she is experiencing is supernatural.
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Why was there so much pink in Smile?

With the colors, we wanted to do something unusual. We had read this study that was from back in the sixties where they found out that this sort of Pepto Bismol pink color somehow was supposed to make violent inmates less violent. So my production designer, Lester Cohen, and I, really grabbed onto that.
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Was the movie Smile about mental illness?

Smile's messy treatment of mental illness and trauma throughout one hour fifty-five minutes seems to be intentional and is bound to leave you feeling uncomfortable. The theme of inheriting mental illness and walking down a path that you have lived dreading all your life is poignant.
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What drug does Rose ask for in Smile?

“You have wounds that never fully healed,” says Madeline, but Rose has already self-diagnosed: She is suffering, she insists, from “fleeting moments of stress-induced hallucinations.” This diagnosis comes along with a proposed solution. Rose demands a prescription for Risperdal, an oral antipsychotic medication.
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Why didn t Rose help her mom?

She apologizes to Rose for what she had done to herself, but also asks, “Why did you let me die?” In the film's final act, it's revealed that Rose's mom had asked for help in the final moments of her life, pleading with Rose to call the police because “mommy made a mistake.” Rose admits that she didn't take action ...
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What is the trigger warning for Smile?

Excessive suicide scenes!

CANNOT stress this enough - Massive trigger warning for suicide. There was way too much of it, and not enough warning. Every 15 minutes there was another graphic suicide scene, and/or some scene involving a psychotic break.
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Why did Rose and Joel break up Smile?

Rose explains to Joel she broke up with him because she felt vulnerable by his side and didn't want anyone to get too close after what she did to her mother. However, now that she forgave herself, she is also ready to say sorry and acknowledge the pain she caused Joel.
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Why is there a lollipop at the end of Smile?

Finn says the face at 1:48:20 is a “true look at the evil thing that's been hiding behind all the smiles.” They called the entity Lollipop — thus explaining the use of The Chordettes' “Lollipop” at the start of the end credits — and this is what happens at the end of every cycle as the beast physically enters the ...
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How does Rose break the curse in Smile?

She realized she was back in her old home, confirming the entire brawl with the ghoul and her escaping was a hallucination, which pushed Rose over the edge. At this point, Rose embraced death and felt if she took her own life, the curse wouldn't last.
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What happened to the cat in Smile?

Rose begins experiencing hallucinations induced by the demon. Shortly after, she has trouble finding her cat, Mustache, and its tragic fate is revealed during her nephew's birthday party. The boy opens Rose's present to discover her cat's dead body.
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Can the Smile monster be defeated?

After causing the most inner turmoil that it possibly can, the unnamed monster kills its victim and leaps into the most traumatized witness to continue the trend. However, the film implies that dealing with one's trauma healthily could be the most effective way of killing the monster once and for all.
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Do any animals get hurt in Smile?

One of the most heart-breaking casualties in Smile was Rose's cat, Mustache, but the film never revealed what actually happened to it. Smile follows Rose (Sosie Bacon), a doctor who gets cursed by an entity that presents itself through people with a sinister smile.
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