Who got snubbed at the Oscars?

Here are the biggest movies and stars to get snubbed for nominations:
  • Tom Cruise for 'Top Gun: Maverick' ...
  • Viola Davis for 'The Woman King' ...
  • Taylor Swift for 'Where the Crawdads Sing' ...
  • Adam Sandler for 'Hustle' ...
  • Female directors. ...
  • 'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' ...
  • Danielle Deadwyler for 'Till'
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Who got snubbed at the 2023 Oscars?

Viola Davis and Danielle Deadwyler miss out.

Only Tuesday did the Oscar-winning actress fall short. Sign up for the Watching newsletter, for Times subscribers only. Streaming TV and movie recommendations from critic Margaret Lyons and friends. Try the Watching newsletter for 4 weeks.
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Who has been snubbed by the Oscars?

Welcome to the “snub club.” It's a group of epic films, iconic directors and big-screen superstars that were underappreciated, unheralded and sometimes completely ignored by the Academy. We're talking movie titans such as Tom Cruise, Michelle Pfeiffer, Mia Farrow, Sigourney Weaver and Samuel L.
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Who was snubbed at the Oscars this year?

SNUB: Danielle Deadwyler and Viola Davis Absent from Best Actress category.
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Who was the actress snubbed by the Oscars?

Viola Davis also fell out of the lineup, and in her case it's even more shocking, because Davis had already been nominated by every major precursor award (BAFTA, SAG, Critics Choice, and Golden Globes).
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Top 10 Times the Oscars Got It Wrong

What 3 actors refused Oscars?

While Katherine Hepburn famously declined every invitation to attend the Academy Awards, she reportedly displayed the Oscars trophies she had won proudly in her home. However, Marlon Brando, George C. Scott, Dudley Nichols flat out refused the award.
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Who else got kicked out of the Oscars?

Everyone who's been banned from the Oscars by the Academy
  • The Hollywood Show. Carmine Caridi. | Credit: Albert L. ...
  • Harvey Weinstein. Harvey Weinstein.
  • bill-cosby-6.jpg. Bill Cosby.
  • 'D'apres une histoire vraie' Premiere - 13th Zurich Film Festival. Roman Polanski. ...
  • Cinematographer Adam Kimmel. Adam Kimmel.
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Who has an Oscar taken away?

One of the most memorable categories from 1968 was the 'Best Documentary' award. That year, Young Americans, directed by Alexander Grasshoff, won the statuette and then had it revoked when it was discovered to have had theatrical showings in 1967, making it ineligible for the 1968 award.
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Who cried at the Oscars 2023?

Within the first few moments of the 95th Academy Awards, winners like Everything Everywhere All At Once stars Ke Huy Quan and Jamie Lee Curtis (picking up their awards for Best Supporting Actor and Actress, respectively) had celebs at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood tearing up, and viewers at home absolutely bawling ...
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Who was the black actress snubbed at the Oscars?

Deadwyler wasn't the only Black woman snubbed for a best actress Academy Award nomination. Viola Davis, who starred in “The Woman King” and was also considered an Oscars frontrunner, wasn't nominated either.
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Was Will Smith allowed at the Oscars 2023?

No, Will Smith didn't present at the Oscars – but Chris Rock was spotted at a viewing party. When Halle Berry joined Jessica Chastain to present best actor and actress at the Oscars this year, some viewers may have started scratching their heads.
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Did any black person win the Oscars in 2023?

Carter, who became the first Black woman to have won two Oscars (this time for “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever”); “All Quiet on the Western Front,” which won several awards in the first half of the show, including for best international feature, production design and cinematography; and Sarah Polley, who won the best ...
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What does Oscar snub mean?

In awards and lists

For awards, the term "snub" is usually used to refer to a work or person that fails to be nominated or win award, with whether or not a person or work was legitimately snubbed for an award has often been subject for public debate.
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What was the most awkward moment at the Oscars 2023?

Awkward Low: Hugh Grant's red carpet resistance

Perhaps the most awkward moment of the evening came during ABC's pre-show, when a stodgy Hugh Grant mounted a one-man resistance to the red carpet game, essentially declining to answer model/interviewer Ashley Graham's questions.
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Why Zendaya didn t attend Oscars 2023?

This year, Cosmo notes, Zendaya had other things on her schedule: namely, a fun outing with boyfriend Tom Holland in London. Fans spotted the pair out in the city, shopping with Tom Holland's mom Nikki Holland at Richmond Park.
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Why weren t Harry and Meghan at the Oscars?

The celebrity guru explained: "It makes little sense for Harry and Meghan to be at the Oscars. Their documentary wasn't nominated. Meghan's not currently acting and I don't think Harry has any plans to either, though stranger things have happened with them recently."
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Has anyone turned down an Oscar?

Brando and Scott may be the more prominent celebrities to refuse their awards, but Dudley Nichols was actually the first person to ever turn down an Oscar.
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Who are the 5 people banned from the Oscars?

Ahead of Oscars 2023, here's a look at celebrities who have been banned by the Academy:
  • Will Smith. Will Smith has been banned from attending the Oscars for the next 10 years. ...
  • Richard Gere. Related stories. ...
  • Harvey Weinstein. ...
  • Roman Polanski. ...
  • Bill Cosby.
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Who is the youngest Oscar winner?

Who is the youngest ever Oscars winner? There are, of course, multiple different types of award on offer at the Oscars, but the youngest person to win any of them at all is Tatum O'Neal. She won Best Supporting Actress at the 1974 Oscars at the age of 10.
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Why did Marlon Brando not accept Oscar?

Brando did not appear at the function but a buckskin clad American Indian woman Sacheen Little Feather, got on the stage and told the audience: “Marlon Brando very regretfully cannot accept this award because of the treatment of American Indians in this country to-day on the television, on reruns and recent happenings ...
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Who got assaulted at the Oscars?

During the 94th Academy Awards on March 27, 2022, actor Will Smith walked onstage and assaulted comedian Chris Rock across the face with what appeared to be an open-palm strike during Rock's presentation for Best Documentary Feature.
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Who was the second male actor to refuse a best actor Oscar?

(NEXSTAR) – The Academy Award is generally regarded as one of the highest honors that an actor can receive — the keyword being “generally.” In the history of the Oscars, however, there have only been three people who refused their awards: actors George C. Scott and Marlon Brando, and screenwriter Dudley Nichols.
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Who is the best actor without an Oscar?

20 Incredible Actors Who Never Won An Oscar
  • 8 Willem Dafoe.
  • 7 Sandra Oh.
  • 6 Samuel L. Jackson.
  • 5 Adam Driver.
  • 4 Glenn Close.
  • 3 Oscar Isaac.
  • 2 Angela Bassett.
  • 1 Michelle Yeoh.
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Who has won the most Oscars?

Walt Disney holds the record for the most Oscars won by an individual with a total of 22 competitive awards and four honorary awards. Disney was nominated 59 times throughout his career, receiving one award posthumously.
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Can the Academy take an Oscar away?

According to The Wrap, only one Oscar has ever been rescinded after being awarded, and it was actually for a technicality: In 1969, the Oscar for Best Documentary Feature was given to Young Americans, then taken away after it was revealed that the documentary was exhibited publicly starting in 1967.
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