Who turned down Edward Scissorhands?

This week Gary Oldman revealed that he turned down Edward Scissorhands after reading a few pages of the script before Johnny Depp went on to make the role one of the most iconic of all time. That got us wondering about all the other major movie roles that were turned down for one reason or another.
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Who was supposed to play Edward Scissorhands?

8 Actors Who Were Considered To Play Edward Scissorhands
  • Tom Cruise. ...
  • Jim Carrey. ...
  • Gary Oldman. ...
  • Tom Hanks. ...
  • Robert Downey Jr. ...
  • John Cusack. ...
  • William Hurt.
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Who almost got the role for Edward Scissorhands?

Back in 2016, Gary Oldman spoke about getting approached to play Edward Scissorhands. While the role was not fully offered to him, Oldman was asked to meet with Tim Burton but told the casting director he would pass.
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Why did everyone turn against Edward Scissorhands?

Disproportionate Retribution: Along with the break-in, the main reason everyone turns against Edward was because of Joyce; after Edward did not reciprocate her advances (though, Edward didn't even understand what was going on), she spreads the word that he tried to rape her.
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Did Tom Cruise turn down Edward Scissorhands?

By the end, Tom Cruise wanted a happy ending for the film and Tim Burton was not having any of it. It could have ruined the magical essence of the movie and hence, the director and the actor ultimately parted ways. It all worked out in Johnny Depp's favour as what happened next was history!
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Gary Oldman: I turned down 'Edward Scissorhands,' didn't understand the film

Why did she never visit Edward Scissorhands?

The elderly woman (who is actually revealed to be Kim in her old age) finishes telling her granddaughter the story, saying that she never saw Edward again. She chose not to visit him because she wanted him to remember her the way she was in her youth.
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Who turned down gladiator role?

11. Mel Gibson — Maximus in Gladiator. The director, Ridley Scott, wanted Gibson to play Maximus, but Gibson turned down the role of the Roman gladiator because he believed that he was too old for it. The part eventually went to Russell Crowe who won the Oscar for Best Actor thanks to his brilliant performance.
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Is there a deeper meaning to Edward Scissorhands?

Moving on from its genre, Edward Scissorhands has themes of: conformity, understanding and accepting difference, the loss of innocence, and science replacing God. The main theme is obviously conformity.
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Why doesn t Edward Scissorhands age?

The creation of an old inventor, Edward is an ageless humanoid. The inventor homeschooled Edward but died from a heart attack before giving Edward hands, leaving him unfinished. Peg finds Edward alone and offers to take him to her home after discovering he is virtually harmless.
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What does the snow symbolize in Edward Scissorhands?

The snow that falls ethereal every year at the same. time, finally, represents the eternal bond between. Edward and his sweet Kim, an eternal love although.
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Why was Edward Scissorhands so good?

Edward Scissorhands is quintessential Burton in many ways. From the kooky neighbors in the colorful suburbs, to the eerie giant topiaries dominating many scenes, to the themes of monsters and loneliness that mix with romance, the movie is a perfect blend of his signature messages and visuals.
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Who did Johnny Depp base Edward Scissorhands on?

Johnny Depp reveals that his Edward Scissorhands character was based on a cross between a baby and one of his dogs during his libel suit testimony. Johnny Depp's Edward Scissorhands character was modeled after some very strange real-life inspirations.
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How was Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands?

In the film, the star played the role of a humanoid named Edward, who has scissors for his hands. 'Edward Scissorhands' also starred Winona Ryder as Kim, who was Depp's love interest in the movie. Make-up artists used prosthetics and skin-tight suits to help the actor get into the character.
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How many words does Johnny Depp say in Edward Scissorhands?

Since playing the protagonist, critics have hailed Johnny Depp's portrayal of Edward as “awe-inspiring” and “courageous.” According to Ladbible, Johnny Depp only speaks 150 words in the entirety of the film Edward Scissorhands.
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Did Michael Jackson want to play Edward Scissorhands?

Michael Jackson Wanted To Star In Edward Scissorhands

Burton and company considered various actors for the role of Edward Scissorhands – some of them met with Burton, others simply turned down the offer – but one who wasn't considered but made them know he was interested in it was Michael Jackson.
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What are the inappropriate scenes in Edward Scissorhands?

Parents need to know that there is sporadic violence in Edward Scissorhands. Aside from a woman attempting to seduce Edward wearing a lace bra (she mounts Edward while he is on a chair and attempts to use his scissors to cut off her clothes), sexuality is limited to courting rituals (kissing and hugging).
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What happened to Edward Scissorhands when he drank alcohol?

Edward drinks whiskey after being told that its lemonade. Later throws up off screen.
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How old was Winona Ryder when she dated Johnny Depp?

Winona and Johnny Depp met at the premiere of Great Balls of Fire! in 1989 when she was 17 and he was 26. They were engaged for three years before their break up in 1993. Johnny famously got his 'Winona Forever' tattoo changed to 'Wino Forever'.
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What is ironic about Edward Scissorhands?

And he constantly is giving up his own self-interests to please others. So needless to say, his dark and macabre appearance is not a representation of who he really is. It comes as no surprise that Jim, the film's most abhorrent character and biggest villain, is a perfect embodiment of the movie's irony.
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What does Joyce represent in Edward Scissorhands?

Because Joyce represents a major aspect of what is wrong with suburban life. She is one of those people who are bored, gossipy, unimaginative, desperate for attention and will do whatever it takes to get attention, no matter who they discredit or accuse of attempted rape. This is a person to hate.
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Who turned down the role of Bubba in Forrest Gump?

Only Forrest Gump would win. 13. David Alan Grier, Ice Cube and Dave Chappelle all turned down the role of Bubba. Ice Cube refused to play what he thought was an "idiot," while Chappelle simply thought the movie would fail.
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Which actor turned down the most money?

10 Actors Who Turned Down Enormous Paydays
  • 4 Keanu Reeves Dodged A Bullet Turning Down Speed 2 For $12 Million. ...
  • 3 Josh Hartnett Thought It Was Too Risky To Be JJ Abrams' Superman. ...
  • 2 Josh Hartnett Does Regret Not Playing Batman For $45 Million. ...
  • 1 Michael Keaton Could've Played Batman Again For $15 Million.
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Who was the first choice for Forrest Gump?

Although this '90s classic has become synonymous with Tom Hanks, Forrest Gump nearly starred another Hollywood icon. John Travolta was director Robert Zemeckis's initial choice for the main part.
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Did Edward Scissorhands and Kim have a baby?

[Edward Scissorhands] Kim had children with Edward, and their grand daughter is the girl being told the story. Kim declares her love to Edward at the end of the film after her ex boyfriend is killed.
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