Top 15 Movies Like Matrix To Add In Your Watchlist

movies like matrix

Regarding sci-fi movies, The Matrix is one of the most famous ones. It was released in 1999, becoming a revolutionary movie for the genre. The movie also became an example of filmmaking techniques that showed a unique way of telling a story. The Matrix was a huge success at the box office and was praised […]

Top 15 Tsunami Movies Everyone Should Watch

Tsunami movies

When it comes to nature, it’s considered a double sword edge. It’s peaceful until the disaster happens, throwing what no human can stand. Tsunami is one of the examples; several real-life examples show the cruelty of nature, whether you take Srilanka’s Indian Ocean tsunami or the Tohuko earthquake that led to the worst tsunami Japan […]

18 Movies like Mean Girls to rewind the 00’s

movies like mean girls

Mean Girls Create That Buzz it’s released in 2004, and even after 19 years it’s not lost its charm of watching again and again, So we wrapped up 18 movies that are all most similar to mean girls in all forms, same theme, school story, gossips for sure, here are 18 movies definitely to watch […]