Why is Mary Poppins immortal?

The most likely possibility is that Mary Poppins is a witch of some sort. That could explain her ageless exterior, her ability to fly through the sky (with an umbrella in place of a broomstick), her enchanted bag, and other peculiarities like flying up the stairwell bannister or attracting animals.
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Why does Mary Poppins not age?

Mary Poppins does not age 25 years.

Platt explained, “Mary's a character who lives outside of time. She's magic. And so she is the one character who actually doesn't age. So she is as we know her, and as she will be forever – that character.”
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Is Mary Poppins A witch or an Angel?

The most obvious answer, and the one that makes the most sense, is that she's a witch. Mary Poppins being a witch explains her powers, along with why she seemingly hasn't aged a day in the new movie set decades after the original.
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What is the deeper meaning behind Mary Poppins?

Mary Poppins is a story of redemption. We see how a bad parent, caught by the trappings of his work and the stress of everyday life loses sight of the one thing that matters, his family. It's a great character arc. Whilst the film is called Mary Poppins, really the film isn't about her.
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Did Mary Poppins have powers?

She is shown to possess various magical abilities including the ability to speak to animals, telekinesis, the transport herself and others to various places and manipulate reality (including sidewalk pictures), animation, as well as flight with her umbrella (similar to Peter Pan, just without Tinker Bell's pixie dust).
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Mary Poppins' Dark Secret - Let Me Explain

Why can Mary Poppins fly?

One of Mary Poppins's mysterious and fascinating qualities is her ability to fly using her parrot-handled umbrella. There are many theatrical ways to achieve this that do not require hiring flying specialists, rigging wires, or breaking the budget.
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What kind of creature is Mary Poppins?

In the Disney version Mary Poppins is more like a fairy godmother than a witch, and her task is to restore the absentee Banks parents to their children, to create a conventionally happy family, one in which children are not raised by servants.
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Why does Mary Poppins always look in the mirror?

Mary Poppins in Travers' books is strict and no-nonsense, asserting her unusual brand of discipline over the four (later five) Banks children in her charge. Mary is very vain and is always admiring herself in the mirror and other reflections.
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How did Jack know Mary Poppins?

"Jack is a lamplighter. He apprenticed under Bert from the original films so he knows all about Mary," said Miranda. "So it's really nice to play the Bert position in this film. You kind of get to go on all the fun adventures with the Banks family."
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How does Jack remember Mary Poppins?

MIRANDA: He grew up alongside the Banks kids, but he was the kid shining shoes outside while they were living in the house. And they've written off their relationship with Mary Poppins, but Jack never forgot. Jack sees Mary Poppins and remembers it all for the magic that it is.
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Does 17 Cherry Tree Lane exist?

Where is Cherry Tree Lane? In the Mary Poppins books and films, the Banks family home is at number 17 Cherry Tree Lane. There is no Cherry Tree Lane in central London, but there are plenty of streets of Georgian houses which look like the Banks' – particularly in the affluent areas of Chelsea and Kensington.
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Why does Mary Poppins deny her magic?

The awe Mary Poppins inspires is actually inspired by the characters' own imaginations. That's why she denies that they ever participated in a horse race in a magical cartoon universe, when Michael reminds her that this happened—she's trying to make Michael look to his own imagination for amazement, not to magic.
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Was Mary Poppins a God?

Connection to God

Mary Poppins appears to represent Shekhinah, Binah, or Sophia: From readings of the Talmud, Shekhinah represents the feminine attributes of God. Shekhinah is sometimes represented as a goddess of wisdom. In this sense, Mary Poppins is the personification of Skekhinah.
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How did Mary Poppins end?

By the end of the movie, her actions (and manipulations) have made this upper-crust family a family again. She has taught them the power of love. And yet, at the moment the Bankses joyfully reunite, Mary Poppins can only look on from a distance. She's shut out, no thought given to her by her charges or her employers.
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What is Mary Poppins real name?

The parents (David Tomlinson and Glynnis Johns) don't take much notice of their children Jane and Michael, and it is only until a mysterious woman named Mary Poppins (Julie Andrews) appears from the sky that things begin to change.
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Was Mary Poppins ever married?

Mary Poppins and Bert were once husband and wife, before her tragic death. Obviously throughout the movie there is a semi-romantic relationship between Bert and Mary, albeit subtle. There has been speculation as to whether or not they were once an item.
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Who was Mary Poppins boyfriend?

Travers portrays the relationship between Mary Poppins and Bert. In the first story the romantic aspect is clear: “Mary!” he cried, and you could see by the way he cried it that he loved her.
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Was Bert Mary Poppins boyfriend?

He is a long time friend of Mary Poppins, though their relationship is noted to be strictly platonic (but there are hints to suggest a more romantic interest between them).
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Why does Missy look like Mary Poppins?

Behind the scenes. Missy's appearance is based upon that of the Julie Andrews version of Mary Poppins.
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What happens to Mary Poppins every second Tuesday?

second Tuesday of the month she has off? We. certainly have... she goes Off The Grid.
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How are Mary Poppins and Pennywise related?

A small addition to the Mary Poppins & Pennywise are the same species theory - how many of the "It" species are on earth. Summation: Both Mary Poppins and Pennywise are supernatural creatures of the same race that feed on human emotional energy. Among their similarities: They can produce illusions.
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What is the life lesson of Mary Poppins?

If there's one thing that anyone who has seen Mary Poppins would agree with, it's the fact that with the right amount of imagination, anything is possible. Mary instills this idea in the Banks children, and it's something that anyone who has ever accomplished anything that seemed impossible can attest to.
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What is a blue blood in Mary Poppins?

They Are Both "Blue Bloods:" There is also a lyric from the song Jolly Holiday that Mary sings which goes, "Though you're just a diamond/ In the rough, Bert/ Underneath your blood is blue!" The term 'blue blood', as defined by the Merriam Webster Dictionary, is "membership in a royal or socially important family."
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What is the magic word in Mary Poppins?

The word supercalifragilisticexpialidocious in Mary Poppins is said to be simply a word used as "something to say when you have nothing to say," but the mouthful of nonsensical syllables certainly has brought cheer to audiences for decades.
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Whose dog is Poppins?

During the series' run, bits and pieces of Mac's family life are often revealed. One of the constants in Mac's life is the MacDonald family dog, named Poppins. His breed is unclear and not much is known about the pooch. However, it is implied that he is “invincible” since he is more than 20 years old in dog years.
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