15 TV Shows Like Castle That Keep the Mystery Alive

shows like castle

Castle is a show about this unconventional partnership between Kate Beckett, a NYPD officer and a famous mystery novelist Richard Castle exploring enticing crime mysteries. You get to explore new murder mysteries every episode with these characters. If you are fan of the show, and especially love the mystery and crime aspect of it, there […]

15 Riveting TV Shows Like Revenge That Will Keep You Hooked

shows like revenge

You must have loved the show “Revenge” for its intricate plot, manipulation and exciting themes around revenge. The show was full of suspense, drama and complexity making it a high-octave revenge drama to watch.  And especially if you have just finished it and looking for shows like Revenge, then we have enlisted some of the […]

15 Captivating Movies Like The Flight You Shouldn’t Miss

movies like the flight

Robert Zemeckis directorial “Flight” released in 2012 is an exciting drama about an alcoholic pilot who saves the passengers on his plane during the midair disaster. The film keeps you at the edge of the seat all the time.  If you are really about the movies like the flight that focuses a conflict or a […]