5 Movies on great leaders of all time Abraham Lincoln

Abraham Lincoln is one of the iconic figures of all time and the 16th president of America, his stories, ethics, and political values are written down in history textbooks, and his ethics and his values made him successful and could inherit values in your life. here are 5 movies regarding his life, the civil war, abolishing of slavery, assassinations.   

Lincoln 2012

The movie focus on the final month of his presidency, and his effort the abolishing slavery. And the end of the civil war, the movie picturizes the last days of Lincoln, Lincoln’s character played by legendary actor Daniel day lewis, and directed by Steven Spielberg one of the greatest direct of all time.     

The Day Lincoln Was Shot

After four days after the end of the civil war, John Wilkes an actor decides to kill president lincoln. John called it for good causes and somewhere to help the south in the civil war.

Abe Lincoln in Illinois

Young Lincoln gained recognition in the early days of this politics and the journey to become the 16th president of America.   

The Lincoln Conspiracy

The movie is about the conspiracy to kill abe lincoln, the conspiracy that the killer of the president was not arrested right after the assassination, instead he hide out somewhere in Canada.

Gore Vidal's Lincoln

after becoming the 16th president of America, lincoln struggle to maintain his political, and family life. 

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