15 Best ‘Crime Movies’ You’ll Ask For Mercy

Crime/mystery movies are one of the interesting genres out there, which involves thrillers, drama, action, street, and a lot of killings. And here are the 15 Best Crime movies to watch and go nuts. 

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15 Best Crime Movies

American Psycho (2000)

A Wealthy Banker, Who Keeps Secrets of his Psychopathic Thoughts and he hates people who he thinks more superior than him and becomes more Violent than before 

Pulp Fiction (1994)

A Story Revolves around People who will be Connected to the incident one or other ways, Two Hitman Jules & Vincent work for A gangster Marsellus Wallace and his wife Mia Wallace & others. then it’s simply a Quentin Tarantino art of Storytelling and direction  

City Of God (2002)

Brazilian Crime movie one of the classic cult directed by Fernando Meirelles and Kátia Lund. In a story, two brothers in the slums of Rio one becomes a photographer the other becomes is a criminal.

No Country For Old Men (2007)

A hunter(Josh Brolin) discovers 2 million dollars from a dead reveal cartel after their talks went wrong then A psychopathic killer(Javier Bardem) tracks him to get the money. The movie that will blow your mind.

The Gentleman (2019)

Mickey Pearson, A College Drop out. builds a Cannabis Empire, wanted to Retired, by Selling his Business to American Billionaire Mattew Berger for  €400 Million and Thing’s Not Worked has he thought.

Training days (2001)

A Police officer (Ethan Hawke) was getting trained by Detective Alonzo(Denzel Washington), a senior narcotics officer, got into mess with the Russian mafia, and the officer finds out that he does unethical and betrayal things, to get out of the mess.

Lawless (2012)

The Movie is Partly Based on the true events of the Bondurant Brothers, a Book ‘The Wettest Country in the world’ by Matt Bondurant grandson of Jack Bondurant(played by Shai LaBeouf). They are to run Moonshine & Bootlegging Business, a conflict erupts when a lawman comes from Chicago and shut down their operations

Reservoir Dogs (1992)

Six Criminal were hired to heist, During the execution of the heist, got tipped off, believing one amongst them is an undercover agent. 

Se7en (1995)

Two Detectives Search for a Serial Killer, Who Kills People according to Seven deadly sin’s. one the good mystery-thriller movie

The Silence of the lamb (1991)

Clarice an FBI agent, was set to investigation on finding the serial killer with the female victim, Clarice seeks help with Hannibal lector a serial killer and former Psychiatrist

The Departed (2006)

Two cops, One is undercover and is a mole in the police department, both try to find each other in exposing an Irish gang in Boston  

Nobody (2021)

An ex-militant,  also the member of CIA special unit, and living his depressed life, he breaks the silence when he encounters with a group who harassing a girl, later they were known to be they were the member of cartel gang

Mystic River (2003)

A Story of three childhood Friends, One amongst them is jimmy Markum whose daughter was murdered, jimmy becomes more suspicious decides to kill the murderer, which led him to the crime that took place twenty-five years ago

The Hateful Eight (2015)

In the dead winter of Wyoming, A Bounty hunter and his prisoner find the lodge for the shelter, Encounter with the Unknown characters, which led to chaos

Prisoner's (2013)

Keller Dover’s daughter and his friend’s daughter will go missing and Keller he takes matter into his own hands and torchers Alex jones who was present at the scene of the crime

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