10 Bank Robbery ‘Movies’ That Bends Your Mind

Did you watch batman dark knight, when the joker robs the banks, one of the Thrillist scenes in the movie. 

I’m sure You will also below the list of the Best bank robbery movies ever.

Baby Driver

Talented Getaway Driver involves himself in the heist for Crime Boss, And the heist goes wrong and threatens his love and life. 

Inside Man

Bank robbers take hostages and the detective tries to negotiate with the Mastermind, revealing the dark secret of the bank owner. 

The Town

During the heist, robbers take hostage of the general manager of the bank ‘claire’, things get complicated one of the fellow thieves falls in love with claire.

The Bank Job

Martine comes to terry with the blueprint, targeting a heavy load of cash and jewelry. later he comes to know there are other powerful hands behind the heist.

Public Enemies

During the time of recession when crime was at its peak, bank robbers Jon Dillinger and his fellow meat terrorized the city with their crime. Melvin Purvis was appointed to take them down dead or alive

Ocean twelve 2004

After one of the successful heists in las vegas, the owner of the casino demands his money back with the interest or be dead,  In order to pay him, they gang up again to execute another heist, this time in Europe.

Dead Presidents

After returning from the Vietnam war, Antony finds difficult the visuals of war, and feed his family during the downfall economy he teams up with his friends to rob the armed cash load truck.

Dog Day Afternoon

Sonny Wortzik and two of his friends try to rob the local bank, but their plan gets failed and forces them to take hostages.


highly sensational thieves, try to pull up one last heist. And lieutenant Vicent pledges to take down the thieves.

Point Break 1991

FBI agent goes undercover with a group of surfers who robbed multiple banks, things get complicated when he falls in love with a female surfer and befriends the gang leader.  

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