10 Feel Good Movies On Amazon Prime

Going through a bad day, I have been there and immediately searched for things that cheer me up. And here we go with 10 movies that make you cry, laugh, and feel good.

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Pursuit Of Happyness (2006)

A couple dealing with bad financials, his wife decides to go away leaving behind her son. the struggle of the father after that is worth watching with tear-filled eyes.

Intouchables (2011)

It is a story of a wealthy quadriplegic man and an immigrant to take care of, who become extraordinary friends. I would say it is best to start going with foreign films to start with.   

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Forrest Gump (1994)

If you came across this list you probably watched this movie multiple times, still makes sense to add this movie. The story revolves around the man Forrest Gump. low IQ man lives magnificent life by keeping everything so simple and straightforward. 

Truman Show (1998)

A salesman living on a crowded island, with his wife and family, and later discovery leaves him shocking that none of these things are true. (Non-Spoiler)

Project X (2012)

This movie is inspired by the true story, of Corey Worthington a 16-year-old, who held a birthday party in his parent’s house in Melbourne, Australia. Five hundred people showed up and gets out of control, turns out to chaos. Click ‘watch now’ to watch on amazon prime.

School of Rock (2003)

After being kicked out of the band, he becomes a substitute teacher and formed a band with elementary school students.

Love Actually (2003)

A story of eight couples in London showcases their different lives from each other couples, the story revolves around their love life.

Dirty Grandpa (2016)

After the death of his wife, he tricks his grandson to go with him. And he wanted to enjoy the rest of his life.

Manjhi – The Mountain Man (2015)

After the death of his wife falling from a mountain, he decides to carve the road between the mountain by himself. based on the true story of Dashrath Manjhi

Little Miss Sunshine (2006)

A Decides to travel the country to get one of their younger daughters into the finals of the beauty pageant  

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