11 Funny Cop Movies to Never Miss

We love watching cop movies when he or she fights the bad which includes drama, action, and so on, 

movie bureau bought you cop movies with lots of laughs here are 11 funny cop movies. 

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Hot Fuzz

Nicholes Angels A officer gets transferred to the Standford quieter Area with less no. of residents, not only misses the rhythm of the city and also is in search of a partner. he gets a difficult assignment from this strange man who gives trouble to the residents of Standford.

Rush Hour Series

An iconic comedy cop movie by Jackie Chan as Lee and Chris tucker as Carter gets in the task force of LAPD to fight the odds, with comedy drama powerpack. 

21 jump Street 

Schmidt and Jenko two friends join the police department, in order to dust the drug racket in the college, they go undercover as a student.

Bad Boys

Marcus and Mike partner up for this investigation in Maimi where 100 million worth of heroin was abducted from the headquarters.

The Other Guys

Unlike appreciated like their counterparts, detective gamble and hoitz are assigned to investigate small tasks, which turned out to be some big fish And get the opportunity to prove themselves to their NYPD counterparts detectives.

Beverly Hills Cop

After the murder of his childhood buddy cop, Alex Foley (Eddie Murphy) starts the investigation which lands him in Beverly Hills, California, and unfolds the underworld of Beverly hills.

Miss congeniality

After the threat of bombing the Miss United States pageant, the FBI sends A female detective Gracie who is boyish and horrified to get girly.  


Two best friends Seth (jonah hill) and Evan (Michael Cera) want to enjoy their lives before going to a different college, the movie is adapted from the high school days of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg themselves.

48 hrs

Jack Cates a tough policeman, to chase down the dangerous criminals, Jack teams up with Reggie, a smart robber who is in jail, Jack pulls some strings and gets him out of there under the parole of 48hrs.

Super Troopers

Five enthusiast highway cops In order to save their jobs, try to solve cases.

Police Academy

The mayor of the city remove the restrictions from entering the police academy, A group of unfits enlisted themselves. And creates chaos in the city.

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