15 Best Movies of Leadership

Movies of leadership are inspiring and heartfelt at the same time, making us believe in ourselves. some movies are worth taking some learnings from the movies. here are the 10 best leadership movies worth giving a try.

Apollo 13

Apollo 13 is a masterpiece, there might be more movies like this, apollo 13 is a great example of how a historical film should be done The level of accuracy was impressive right down to the finest details The cast is legendary, especially the space scenes, where everything feels as if even though it’s not the actual places of where they are going, the editing helps capture the true spirit of the movie.


“Braveheart” would be of the best movies ever made in Hollywood. The movie is about a Scotsman named William Wallace and his fight for the freedom of the Scottish people the movie mainly talks about the determination and love of one man that changed an entire nation and gave it the strength to gather together and stand against tyranny. Love for country, love for family, and love for the only one that he ever wanted.


Horse racing has some of the best true stories of how people’s lives can be changed for the better due to the good luck of being on the team of a champion racehorse, the movie leaves out how Seabiscuit was injured, which was detailed in the book and historical records. The records and book detailed how each of Seabiscuit’s success

Big Short

The movie could be a wake-up call to society normally you would need to understand the basics of a banking or stocks-based movie but this movie takes care of it as the narrative is so well put in place that you as an audience can be enjoying every detail put into the board. The movie has the absolutely serious potential to entertain you with the actual events. The actors are so into the chatter that makes it more interesting and enjoyable to watch exceptional content which you don’t always get to watch.

Devil’s Wear Prada

Every role is well-painted and there is a lot going on in this movie. perspectives of life are shown in multiple ways the way you fight hard for almost everything is so Hard-hitting, and how hard or street-smart you need to be to get to the top of everything and stay there is almost the reality of today’s world the reaction capabilities of this movie seems to be touching the line closely and also highly entertaining movie all in all.

Erin Brockovich

Erin Brockovich is a movie based on a true story that revolves around justice, It A bit a shaky at the start and almost makes you turn off the screen but keeps you under that pull and makes you stick around it and you’ll love it close to how it is unbelievable it sounds that how big companies get away with illegal activities in the name of profit breaking its customers. A treat to the eye.


The movie is about the great retired American fighter pilot, diplomat, and airline pilot best known for his heroism as captain of the US Airways Flight. A true story that made the world believe that heroes do exits in real life. The character that was portrayed in the movie by the actors is so pure and seems to be pulling the audience into that day when the real incident happened, the way sully and his co-pilot handled the situation seems to be explained with almost clear details and keeps you tied to the chair throughout the movie.


This 2000 film directed by Ridley Scott is an absolute masterpiece. To put it in short terms the story of vengeance and redemption talks about other things like exceptional costume designs, art direction, beautiful cinematography, and mind-capturing visual effects. The movie won’t let you probably move from the spot.

Band of Brothers

Talking about this movie starts with its excellent casting, directing, and production, and most impressive was its accuracy, tackles all of the hard aspects of war, and doesn’t romanticize it as a cliche movie does usually. The last few minutes of the final episode might make you emotional, at the end would like to put it as well executed.

Kings Speech

The King’s Speech is about a reluctant king overcoming his speech impediment to help his country gain the courage to fight Nazi Germany. slow in some parts. It could be a bore-fest for those seeking action but coming to the actor’s part that was played really well by all of them on board. It’s sad, intelligent, and insightful.

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