Get ready to binge-watch: 10 must-see movies like Easy A!

Looking for more high school comedy dramas like “Easy A”? Check out our list of 15 movies that will take you on a wild ride of gossip, romance, and teenage drama! From classics like “The Breakfast Club” to newer hits like “The DUFF”, Here brought you 10 incredible laughter movies like Easy A. 

The Mean Girls

Cady joins a new public school, was she befriends Jains and damain, they warn her to avoid the “plastics” a group of bees, and things get complicated when cady loves Aaron, an ex-boyfriend of Regina, a lead member of plastics. this movie is mainly for girls out there.

Can't hardly wait

A graduating class of all beautiful girls and footballers to nerds joins the party at the rich kid’s house.


Bianca realises that people use her to get to her popular friends, she decides to make change by asking help from the former friend in exchange to help him with his science class.

17 Again

Mike, was unhappy about his life and how it turned out, remembers his old memories of being 17 years old and being a cool kid, one day he woke up and was shocked to find out he was 17 again.

The Girl Next Door (2004)

Matthew Kidman played by (Emile Hirsch) was a senior in high school he was a usual school kid until he saw Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert) walking into his next door. And later he founds out that she is an adult film actress. if you are looking for teenage romance movies go for it.


A rich girl Cher is top of the game at Beverly hill school, Seeing herself as doing right for others, she helps the girl called new student Tai go gain popularity, Cher comes to the realization of her wrongdoing to her ex-stepbrother after Tai becomes more popular than her.  

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Charlie, a socially awkward kid enters the new school where he meets two seniors,  sam and Patrick help him with his life from his horrific past, a decent movie with a good line recommend watching.

10 Things I Hate About You

Bianca wants to date Cameron  but her father mentions that Bianca may date only if her sister kate does, knowing that she is antisocial behavior, so Cameron pays Patrick to appeal to kate.

Bring It On

A group of cheerleaders of rancho crane high school has got their spirits and winning movies that gonna make them 6 times winners in a row until they discover at the last minute of the performance, their moves have been stolen by the squad from east Hempton, by their former captain.  

Never been kissed

Josie a copyright for a magazine, should go undercover to high school, to research new campus culture, and brings back your old memories.

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