The Best Sniper Movies of All Time

Sniper movies have long been a popular genre among movie-buffs, showcasing the intense and suspenseful nature of sniper warfare. These films often provide a glimpse into the lives of skilled marksmen who must navigate dangerous missions and high-pressure situations. From the gritty realism of war-torn battlefields to the high-stakes drama of government conspiracies, sniper movies have captivated audiences with their gripping stories and thrilling action sequences.

In this article, we will explore some of the best sniper movies of all time & worth watching.

American Sniper

Chris Kyle U.S. Navy seal, deployed in Iraq. He is a sniper shooter who protects his mates. His accuracy makes him one of the most famous snipers in the US Navy. Also targeted by the enemy. After returning home struggles to come out of the horrors of war.


Ex-marine sniper retired from the military after the tragedy in his previous mission. A high-positioned officer wants him to do surveillance on the president. The President got assassinated realizing he was double-crossed. Instead of hiding he decided to take down the corrupt officials.

Enemy at the Gates

It is one of the thriller sniper movies based on true individuals. Vasily Zaytsev a Russian sniper has been healed for killing Nazis during the battle of Stalingrad. To take down Vasily, Germans deploy Erwin Konig notorious sniper from the German side.


A US Marine Sniper Thomas Beckett was given a Mission to kill the Rebel leader Miguel Alvarez and his troops who are on Panama island. Thomas after losing his friend in the jungle gets a replacement sharp-shooter Richard Miller who has a higher rank than Thomas. but no experience in the field. 

The Wall

Two US Soldiers Shane and Isaac go to the site for an investigation in Iraq during the war, gunshot comes from nowhere badly injuring Shane and Isaac gets shot in the leg. leaving them to take a position behind the wall which looks like about to fall, they have to identify the sniper who is nowhere to be seen.

The Day of the Jackal

After France announces the independence of Algeria. A group of veterans are unhappy about it and hire a professional assassin to kill president Charles de Gaulle.

Phone Booth

A Mean Media consultant Stuart Shephard was contained in the phone booth by the serial killer with the sniper rifle on him from an unknown location of the buildings in new york. threatens him of killing him if he hung up the phone.

Sniper Reloaded

Brandon Beckett and his men. In the mission of saving the farmer. Attacked by the sniper. Brandon asks his father for help to take revenge on the sniper. Now Brandon should locate the sniper before the sniper locates him.

Jack Reacher

When a former US sniper is accused of the mass killing of five people. Jack Reacher gets involved in the investigation of this case.

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