10 Dark Movies to Watch At Darkest Hours

Dark Movies are always seen as inappropriate and at the same time, it’s unwatchable too. But some set of people thrills them watching. 

Schindler's List

During the world war, Oskar Schindler a german industrialist, rescue his Jewish workers from extermination by the nazis.

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After missing Keller Dover and his friend’s daughter, Keller takes the matter into his own hand to try to find his daughter which leads to darkness.

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A serial killer kills people accordingly to the seven deadly sins. two detectives start looking for the killer. one is about to get retired and another is new to the city.

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Requiem for A Dream

The story revolves around the characters, the movie shows the dark side of addiction.

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jacob's ladder

Jacob’s singer returned from the war, disturbing visual in his mind haunts him of the days of war and his dead son.

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The Shinning

A struggling writer and his family move to a hotel with a horrific past, as his writings go on, the evilness of the hotel tends to eat him mentally.

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A couple, Marcus and Alex will have their worst nightmares after Alex gets raped and beaten in the subway. 

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A married couple having sex, and by the time their infant son climbs the window and falls to death, A grieving couple goes to the woods where they are to spend time with their son. And start sexually assaulting each other.

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A Clockwork Orange

After committing a horrible crime have been jailed, in order to reduce his serve time, he accepts to mental experiment, which goes completely wrong for him.

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Saw (2004)

The plot of the movie starts with two unconscious men opening their eyes having been chained up, meanwhile, they come to know they were abducted by a serial killer jigsaw and to survive they have to solve the puzzle.

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