Once upon a time, Al Capone was the notorious and ruthless mob gangster of the time of prohibition era, here are his movies, the story lineup from a new low-key thug to a Chicago dangerous gangster, and the rise and fall of Al Capone these movies cover all aspect of his life. 

Capone 2020

 The film takes place in 1947, as Capone is released from prison and has only a few years to live due to syphilis. The film follows Capone as he reflects on his life and crimes, as well as his effort to find the million-dollar money which he hides on his property  

The St. Valentine's day Massacre

The Rivalry between the two biggest mobsters al Capone and George Morgan is Based on a true event al Capone tells his crime members to dress up the policeman in order to kill George Morgen’s members it was noted as one of the bloodiest battles between the mob.

Capone 1975

The Story of one of the most notorious mobsters of all time al Capone as the name suggests in the title, Al Capone was called by johnny Torrio to Chicago to help them with the sales of liquor during the prohibition era, as he outsmarts everyone and eliminates his enemies and becoming one the top mobster and rest spending times in court.     

Al Capone 1959

The journey starts with the low-key thug of new york who becomes the notorious mobster of Chicago knowing who to kick out and whom to reward which makes him a lifetime big criminal getting the most beautiful woman the widow of the victim of Al Capone. he tells others to follow the syndicate as the business but his brutal method puts him the dangerous situation.     

The Untouchables (1987)

The Untouchables is a different movie from the above list and also focuses on the cop’s unlikely to be the crime boss from the above list. The film is based on the true story of Eliot Ness, a federal agent who worked to take down Al Capone, the notorious Chicago gangster during the prohibition era. The film follows Ness and his team of “untouchable” agents as they work to gather evidence against Capone and take him down. 

Dillinger and Capone

As FBI Pledge takes down Public enemy one John Dillinger and John escape the attention him and takes a new identity. Al Capone the biggest mobster knows everything about his new identity and makes him do one more heist.  

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