16 Heart-Pounding Kidnapping Movies to Watch Now

Kidnapping movies are the best, they will leave you on the Edge of your Seat!. the list includes from based on true stories to nail-biting suspense. These are the movies you won’t forget in a lifetime.


The daughter of ex-secret service agent ‘Bryan Mills’ was been abducted by a human trafficking syndicate on a trip to Paris. Bryan uses his old service days techniques to save his daughter from the traffickers. 

The Silence of the Lambs

Clarice an FBI agent, was set to investigate finding the serial killer with the female victim, Clarice seeks help from Hannibal lector a serial killer and former Psychiatrist. these are good movies that keep the love for movies among movie buffs. 


Keller Dover’s daughter and his friend’s daughter will go missing and Keller takes matters into his own hands and torches Alex jones who was present at the scene of the crime, this movie will take you on a rollercoaster of suspense and thrillers.

Gone Girl

This mystery-thriller follows a man whose wife goes missing and becomes the prime suspect in her disappearance, leading him on a desperate search to clear his name and find the truth about.. as the movie goes through the timeline it gets complex.

Man on Fire (2004)

An ex-CIA officer accepts the job of bodyguarding the 9-year-old daughter of a wealthy businessman in the city of Mexico. when the girl gets kidnapped, he decides to take down all corrupt officers and criminals to rescue the 9-year-old.   

The Call (2013)

Jordan, a 911 operator, gets a call from a girl, who has been abducted by the kidnappers, Jordan gets in pressure that one mistake can take the girl’s life. 


A wealthy Millionaire who is in a hard time, his son has been kidnapped, and the kidnappers ask for a ransom of $2M, he was encouraged by his wife and the FBI to give the money, but he goes against and announces a bounty on the heads of kidnappers in television.

The Disappearance of Alice Creed

Alice Creed daughter of a wealthy businessman, gets kidnapped by two masked men, Vic and Danny, Alice later discovers that her boyfriend ‘Danny’ is one of the abductors. the movie will take you to a sense of double-crossing, and suspense. worth watching.   

Ugly (2013)

Rahul, a struggling actor, gets devastated when his daughter goes missing. this movie has more twists and tangles than a tread. if you want to try Bollywood movies this will end the stereotype.

Breakdown (1997)

A Couple Jeff and Amy drive cross-country to California and their car broke down in the desert region of New Mexico. A passing truck offers a ride to a nearby cafe to call for help, while he fixes the car’s way to the cafe, finds her missing, claiming his ignorance. jeff becomes desperate to find his wife.    


The Bestseller novelist was at his home encountered a car accident, he was rescued by his fan Annie, and later she brings him to a remote place cabin, and she discovers that he scripted the death of her favorite character in the upcoming novel, as novelist plans for escape, she becomes suspicious and violent, and make novelist to write a story according to her fantasies.    

The Vanishing (1988)

Rex and Saskia were on holiday riding bikes in France they stop at the gas station, and in the fraction, rex finds that Saskia is missing, he searches for her on were to be found, and this haunts them even after 3 years, he goes to television puts the posters everywhere, A one chemistry teacher comes to him and tells that he knows what happened.  


A Famous fashion model Jennifer finds herself in ‘captivity’ in the cell with another prisoner Gary, the intention of the abduction is to torture and kill them both, and the killer starts to play mind games, Jennifer and Gary should find a way to escape before the serial killers kill them.  

Dead Ringers

Elliot a successful gynecologist works have same as his identical twin Beverly, Elliot will have affairs with some of his patients when he gets tired of them he gives them to Beverly, in one-time Beverly gets really serious with one of the girls Claire, when she rejects him, he will go nuts.    

The Chaser

In a Korean Movie, A disgraced detective police officer turns into a pimp, after one of his call girls goes missing, he involves himself to catch his serial killer predator. if you are a person who hates K-dramas and pops, this movie will justify against you.    

The Collector

In order to pay his debt, he targets the wealthy house and steals valuable gems, one day he targets his employer’s house, unknowing that another masked man has introduced their house and imprisoned the family, and sets multiple traps around the mansion.     

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