Movies Like Forrest Gump and Shawshank Redemption

Every movie buff like me probably must have watched Forrest Gump and Shawshank Redemption, an all-time classic that’s what shows up on IMDB.  hey, both explore similar themes in different ways, here we present you a combination of both but in theme and style.

The Green Mile

Paul is the prison head and his inmate John is convicted of murdering two young girls, and paul recognizes that john has some special healing power.

The Midnight Express (1978)

Billy Hayes (Brad Davis) is an American guy, who got arrested for smuggling hash in Turkey, At first, he was sentenced to 50 days then the court decided to increase it to 30 years as a lesson to others. the movie showcases the harsh life of being imprisoned in Turkey.

Rain Man

After hearing about the death of Charlie’s father he returns to his home in Cincinnati from Los Angeles. he comes to know that he has an elder brother and his father named the $3M to his brother.  

Big Fish

Will Bloom return home to take care of his dying father. On his death bed, his father tells him his fairytale unbelievable stories. And will try to find is his stories are really the truth.  

The Count Of Monte Cristo (2002)

Dantes a sailor was intentionally falsely accused by his best friend Fernand, he had desirous for Dantes’s girlfriend Mercédès. And Dantes was kept on a Small prison island Château d’If. for Several years.

The Life of David Gale

Professor David Gale person who always lives a life of his principles is convicted of raping and killing his fellow mate activist, journalist Bisley Bloom decides to investigate his case.       

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

While on her Death bed, Daisy remembers the person she knew who has a rare case of aging backward. 

The Terminal

An Eastern European Person gets stranded at JFK airport after the war rages in his country. leaving him to take a temporary residence in the airport. 

The Good Lie

Siblings Refugees are given chance to resettle in the U.S after the war accelerated Second Civil War of Sudan,  A tense situation arise one of their siblings is left behind in Sudan. 

Dead Man Walking (1995)

Mattew Poncelet is convicted for the murder of two teenagers, as his date near the execution. A spiritual nun advises Mattew Poncelet on morals and helps him with his appeal to prove his innocence from the death penalty.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

A man has a boring job and imagines adventures thoughts, when he is about to lose his job, he packs ups for the adventures thoughts into reality. 

Escape from Pretoria (2020)

Based on the true story of Two white South Africans, Tim Jenkin (Daniel Radcliffe) and Stephen Lee (Daniel Webber) are arrested for Supporting Nelson Mandela’s Party African National Congress and Sent to Pretoria Central prison Tim starts to Forge the prison keys using a wooden piece.

The Help

Skeeter a writer during the civil right movement in the 1960s, decides to write a book on African American women and the things they undergo every day of life.  

The Elephant Man

The film tells the true story of Joseph Merrick, a man with severe physical deformities who was exhibited as a human curiosity in Victorian England. The film explores the mistreatment and isolation that Merrick faced, as well as the friendship and compassion he received from a London doctor, Frederick Treves. this is one of the emotional movies directed by the well-known David Lynch.

The Man Who Knew Infinity

Srinivasa Ramanujan a man from southern India writes to the English Professor at trinity college, about some of the mathematics that amazed him. 

The Great Escape (1963)

During the second world war, the Germans captured the large Allied force and kept them in prison, many prison soldiers started to break into the prison, so they created escape-proof prisons. So prison soldiers started digging three underground tunnels called tom, dick, and harry. 

A Beautiful Mind

John Nash is a brilliant scientist, who accomplished many discoveries at a small age, in argue for recognition, undergo a serious mental breakdown.     

American History X

Darek who is a neo-nazi mentality will get to prison for hate crimes, during the times of prison his thoughts and morals get changed, and after the prison times, tries to change his brother’s thoughts who is following the same path.

Pursuit Of Happyness (2006)

A couple dealing with bad financials, his wife decides to go away leaving behind her son. the struggle of the father after that is worth watching with tear-filled eyes.

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