Best Nerd Movies

A genre that makes us all laugh and is interesting as well, the characters of nerds are adored, here is the list of nerd movies for nerdness within you.


This movie is set out perfectly. Jonah Hill is that best friend who wants to be the big flashy guy in the limelight the guy full of the party and rock nerves in him and is someone who wants to have fun totally. Michael Cera is a nerd who is shy, someone who isn’t used to the high drama, and McLovin is a very hilarious character. The way he made that name McLovin was the best part of the whole movie a joy ride filled with laughter and humor with perfect timings.

Back to the future

A typical 80s feel to it, which I like, I love how fun, irresistible, and original the story makes it something you can watch twice without being bored. such great characters and makes me wish I could travel back in time myself. It’s my favorite movie Back To The Future is like stepping into a time-traveling phone booth and surfing the circuits of 80’s nostalgia.


All the songs can still be remembered and I have very clear memories of seeing this film at the drive-in back in the day. Great costumes, songs, and John Travolta. great production values, a hugely iconic film with very recognizable and unique imagery which speaks highly of the director. It’s a classic! Hopelessly Devoted To You and There are Worse Things I could do are the best songs, with super emotional, and deep meanings that relate to real life.


Ghostbusters is the greatest Comedy/Fantasy of all time. The obvious greatest movie of all time in my opinion! With amazing and funny protagonists, an interesting and unique plot, and an adorable puffy villain, Ghostbusters exceeds all expectations, This film was a huge hit back in the 80s, being one of the most successful movies of the decade and is still remembered today as a classic. It’s great fun with good action, at times comedic tense scenes, and visually stunning and a great score.

Revenge of Nerds

the movie is a must-watch cult classic, Even though its “revenge of the nerds”, it still punches down for the majority of its humor. And these jokes weren’t even clever or well thought out. It seemed very uninspired. as long as you have a sense of humor and don’t take it too seriously you’ll have a good time.

40 yr old virgin

The 40-Year-Old Virgin” has got to be one of the most vulgar raunchy comedies created at this point. the movie features Steve Carrol, Seth Rogen, Paul Rudd, and even an s bit by Jonah hill before led by comedy star Judd Apatow in his early days and the is just pure underaged comedy gold. it’s a well-thought-out comedy more about love and friendship than sex and nudity… Sort of. Steve Carrell’s best acting performance hands down! Highly recommended

The Goonies

all-time action/adventure family classic. A group of teens discovers a hidden map in their attic that leads to an old pirate treasure. The jokes, although crude and un-pc, are still funny, and the acting is well done by these future stars including Sean Aston, Josh Brolin, and Joey Joe Pantoliano, the set pieces still hold up well, and the overall action, although at times unrealistic, is fast-paced and is still thrilling. There is a great heart/message to the movie that these underdogs can work together and save their families.

10 Things I Hate About you

10 Things I Hate About You is a classic romcom, and 10 Things I Hate About You embodies everything those movies were trying (and often failed) to be. It is funny, moving, and clever, both high-brow in its references and accessible in its humor It’s the perfect mix of comedy, romance, and teenage shenanigans. It shocked me how good this movie was.

Legally blonde

Legally Blonde is a complete fantasy set in real-world storytelling that is absolutely mesmerizing and beyond this world. The ending where Elle Woods uses her girl-boss knowledge of perm maintenance to win Elle Wood’s story inspires those female young adults to realize their self-worth and believe that they can be successful just like her.

Napoleon Dynamite

movie pertains to a very particular sense of humor “Napoleon Dynamite” is a surprisingly smart comedy with charming characters and a nice throwback to the 80s, This film is hilarious and all that, but in many ways, it’s a very beautiful film too. This film really defines what it’s like to live in a small town, and I love it. It’s beautiful how no matter how much Napoleon gets picked on, he never refuses to respond, which shows how powerful of a character Napoleon Dynamite can really be..

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