Movies about terrorism always trill on cinema, here we brought you the real truth on the ground movies with the fictional ones.    

Zero Dark Thirty

A group of CIA spends decades in search of the location of the hideout of Osama din laden the person responsible for 9/11. this movie will educate you on the secret missions of the CIA.

The Hurt Locker

William James a bomb squad specialist, at the end of their duties, encounters more no. of bombs in the city of Baghdad.


After the killing of 11 Israeli athletes in the 1972 Olympics by the terrorist organization, a group of five was appointed to kill the people who were involved in this massacre.

The Siege

The secret service agent tries to stop after the threat from the terrorist group to lead multiple bombings throughout new york city.

Patriot Games

Ex CIA agent stops the attack led by IRA in London by gunning down the terrorist, his brother escapes from the prison and becomes a threat to James and his family.

United 93

The flight United Airlines 93 and the other 3 planes have been hijacked by terrorists. The passengers decide to fight back the terrorists after they get to know the target is the World Trade Center and the pentagon.

Sicario (2015)

An FBI agent (Emily Blunt) was chosen by the government to help the war against drugs, During her mission, she is misled and did not expect in her mission and encounters disturbing realities.


The movie revolves around many people, the story of a CIA agent, a lawyer settlement of the oil companies, and the energy analyst. Is somehow connected to each other.

Black Sunday

Micheal lander encountered the horror days of the Vietnam war, and now he wants to kill himself in the most bizarre manner by planting a bomb on the super bowl with the help of Palestinian terrorists, a group of Israeli and FBI officers try to stop him.

A Highjacking

A group of Somalian pirates highjacked a Danish cargo ship, and the authorities from Copenhagen starts to negotiate with the pirates to free the crew members. 

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