15 Must-See Movies Like 21 Jump Street

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Movies like “21 Jump Street” typically fall into the action-comedy or buddy-cop genre, often set in a high school or college setting. These films often feature unlikely partners or groups of characters who must work together to overcome obstacles and solve a case, often through humorous mishaps and misunderstandings. These movies also tend to feature witty dialogue, physical comedy, and memorable characters. Some examples of movies that share similar themes and elements to “21 Jump Street” include “The Other Guys,” “Hot Fuzz,” “Rush Hour,” and “Superbad,” among others.

Hot Fuzz

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Nicholes Angels A officer gets transferred to the Standford quieter Area with less no. of residents, not only misses the rhythm of the city and also is in search of a partner. he gets a difficult assignment from this strange man who gives trouble to the residents of Standford.

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Rush Hour Series

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An iconic comedy cop movie by Jackie Chan as Lee and Chris tucker as Carter gets in the task force of LAPD to fight the odds, with comedy drama powerpack. 

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Bad Boys

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Marcus and Mike partner up for this investigation in Maimi where 100 million worth of heroin was abducted from the headquarters.

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The Other Guys

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Unlike appreciated like their counterparts, detective gamble and Hoitz are assigned to investigate small tasks, which turned out to be some big fish, And get the opportunity to prove themselves to their NYPD counterparts detectives.

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Beverly Hills Cop

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After the murder of his childhood buddy cop, Alex Foley (Eddie Murphy) starts the investigation which lands him in Beverly Hills, California, and unfolds the underworld of Beverly hills. if you are into 90’s movies this movie is for you.

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The Naked Gun

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Bumbling police detective Frank Drebin. The film is a spoof of police procedural dramas and revolves around Drebin’s attempts to stop a plot to assassinate Queen Elizabeth II during her visit to Los Angeles. Along the way, he has to contend with all sorts of obstacles, including a romantic interest (played by Priscilla Presley), a rival police detective (played by O.J. Simpson), and a corrupt businessman (played by Ricardo Montalbán).

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The Hangover

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A group of friends who travel to Las Vegas for a bachelor party but wake up the next morning with no memory of the previous night’s events, a missing groom, and a tiger in their hotel room.

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Miss congeniality

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After the threat of bombing the Miss United States pageant, the FBI sends A female detective Gracie who is boyish and horrified to get girly.  

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Police Academy

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The mayor of the city remove the restrictions from entering the police academy, A group of unfits enlisted themselves. And creates chaos in the city.

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Ride Along

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Fast-talking high school security guard who dreams of becoming a police officer, and his girlfriend’s brother, Detective James Payton, a no-nonsense police officer who doesn’t believe Ben has what it takes to be a cop. In an effort to prove himself to James and earn his blessing to marry his sister, Ben goes on a 24-hour ride along with James as he tries to catch a notorious Atlanta criminal.

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Two best friends Seth and Evan want to enjoy their lives before going to a different college, the movie is adapted from the high school days of Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg themselves.

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48 hrs

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Jack Cates a tough policeman, to chase down the dangerous criminals, Jack teams up with Reggie, a smart robber who is in jail, Jack pulls some strings and gets him out of there under the parole of 48hrs.

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Let's Be Cops

Credit: IMDb

Two friends, Ryan and Justin, dress up as police officers for a costume party but end up getting mistaken for real cops. They quickly embrace their newfound “authority” and start patrolling the streets of Los Angeles, but things take a dangerous turn when they stumble upon a real criminal conspiracy.

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Super Troopers

Credit: Entertainment Weekly

Five enthusiast highway cops In order to save their jobs, try to solve cases.

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